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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Celebrity Duets

So this show is right up my alley. I love Dancing with the Stars and American Idol so of course this show was a must see for me. Here is my review:

First Song:
Lucy Lawless & Michael Bolton - eh, it was ok but not great
Alfonso Ribeiro & Michelle Williams - excellent and I thought he was better than she was
Carly Patterson & James Ingram - he was great as always but she sounded like she was out of a high school musical
Cheech Marin & Peter Frampton - Cheech was, um interesting and when did Frampton sell out?
Lea Thompson & Randy Travis - maybe it's just because I CAN NOT stand him but I didn't like it
Jai Rodridguez & Gladys Knight - DAMN I knew he was a Broadway star (he was Angel in my favorite musical RENT) but that boy can SING!
Chris Jericho & LeeAnn Womack - pretty good and she is so wonderful
Hal Sparks & Smokey Robinson - not only is he funny as hell but he can sing too!

Second song:
Lea Thompson & Michael Bolton - better but still not great
Carly Patterson & LeeAnn Womack - sounded like a duet at a church mother/daughter banquet but I still love LeeAnn
Alfonso Ribeiro & James Ingram - wow they were great together!
Chris Jericho & Peter Frampton - much better but I think he is on crack
Lucy Lawless & Smokey Robinson - wow that was really good
Hal Sparks & Gladys Knight - not bad but his first song was better
Cheech Marin & Randy Travis - they are a perfect duet since neither one can sing worth a darn
Jai Rodriguez & Michelle Williams - I love him! He is amazing!

They sent home Chris Jericho. I would have rather seen Carly Patterson go home. I definitely think Jai will win but with America voting you never know.



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