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Monday, January 08, 2007

New VH1 Celebreality Shows

So I will admit that I am a reality TV addict. I especially love shows with celebrities. I will admit that I tend to know way more about the lives of stars than I should. So VH1's Celebreality shows are right up my alley. Yesterday was the premire of two new shows.

First up is The Surreal Life Fame Games. This is where a group of former Surreal Life cast memebers get together to compete to see who is the most famous. There are challanges each week and the losers mover from the luxury A-list accomodations to the run down B-list. For a bunch of people who seem to think that they are more famous than they are these challanges could be a real wake up call. I felt so bad for Chyna Doll yesterday when she was crying because only one person wanted their picture taken with her. This should be an interesting show.

Next Shooting Sizemore. This show follows actor Tom Sizemore as he leaves rehab and goes through his appeal of an assault conviction on ex-girlfriend Heidi Fleiss. This show is very raw, even crazier than Breaking Bonaduce. Tom seems more willing to open up every aspect of his crazy life where as Danny wanted to hde things. I found myself feeling so bad for him during the first episode. This show is kind of life a car accident. It is ugly to watch but you can not turn away.

Tonight is the premire of I Love New York with everyone's favorite wench from Flavor of Love. I am recording it while I am watching Supernanny (I told you I was an addict) so I will have to report on that one later this week.



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