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Friday, December 29, 2006

The Two Mrs Carrolls (1947)

An interesting mystery thriller. Barbara Stanwyck is Sally Morton, a young woman on vacation in Scotland. There she meets Geoffrey Carroll (Humphrey Bogart), a handsome young artist. As they take shelter from a rain storm a letter falls from Geoff's pocket. He comes clean and tells her that he has a wife and child back in London. Sally runs away and Geoff returns home. Once there his wife becomes very sick and he begins painting her as the angel of death. Eventually she ends up dying. The movie then fast forwards two years. Sally and Geoff are married and living in the house Sally's father has left her. Geoff's work is once again not up to his standards and he is struggling. A young woman, Cecily Latham, comes over to their home with her mother and asks Geoff to paint her portrait. At first he refuses but he eventually relents hoping it will get him out of his slump. However, Cecily and Geoff begin to fall in love and he has an impulse to paint Sally as the angel of death. Now Sally is getting the same strange symptoms the first Mrs Carroll had. Is Geoff trying to get rid of Sally or is this all her imagination?

While this is not the best mystery I have ever seen it was still worth seeing. Bogart actually downplays a role that could have been played way over the top. Stanwyck is wonderful as she always was. The movie stealer to me was Ann Carter as Geoff's daughter, Bea. This is worth catching when you can get a chance.



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