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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Grand Central Murder (1942)

A run of the mill whodunit from the 1940s but it is entertaining none the less. Mida King (Patricia Dane) is the biggest star on Broadway. She also is the biggest gold digger Manhattan has seen. One of her former lovers, Turk, escapes while he is being moved for a new trial. He calls her in between acts of her new hit show and she decides to run away to her new lover's private car at Grand Central Station. Soon she is discovered there but she has been murdered. The police round up all of the men she has scorned (which is a large number), her step-father, maid, understudy and a detective couple to figure out who killed her. As the story unfolds we realize that Mida King (who named herself after King Midas) may have gotten what she deserved. However, can the cops figure out who the murderer is when everyone has a motive?

This is a typical movie of its time but it was still interesting. Patrica Dane is wonderful as the cold Mida King. Van Heflin and Virginia Grey are also amazing as the Custer's, the detective couple. All in all this is not a bad movie to catch the next time it comes on TCM.



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