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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Night Nurse (1931)

A nice suspense drama. Barbara Stanwyck stars as Lora Hart, a young nurse in training. Upon her graduation she takes a job caring for two young girls she worked with at the hospital. On her first night at the Ritchey home there is a commotion. The partner of the mother comes to get Lora to help Mrs Ritchey. It seems they both had been drinking and the mother has passed out. The drunk, Mack, then attacks Lora and she yells for help. The chauffeur, Nick (Clark Gable), comes to save her. He then turns his aggression to Lora. When she refuses to do what he asks without a doctor's approval he knocks her out. When she comes to she starts thinking about the entire situation. She realizes that the children are being starved so she goes to their doctor, Milton Ranger. However, the doctor does not seem concerned with the patients health. Now will Lora be able to save the girls before Dr Ranger and Nick carry out their evil plan?

This was nice suspense film. My only complaint is one I have about a lot of films from this genre during the 30's and 40's. They start off slow and then end somewhat abruptly. Other than that it was enjoyable. Clark Gable was very young and handsome. He was also frightening as the psychotic Nick. Barbara Stanwyck was also wonderful as young Lora. A good flick for a cold Saturday evening.



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