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Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Cockeyed Miracle (1946)

A funny and touching family story. Frank Morgan is Sam Griggs, a ship builder who is not in the best of health. He is also broke but his family has no idea that they have no money. He has a doting wife Amy, a daughter Jennifer and a son Jim. Jim has a job offer in England and is ready to sail in three days. However, he needs $300 for his ticket and a new suit. Jennifer is in love with Howard, a boarder in their home, and they decide to get married and move to California for Howard's new job. However, their dreams all seem to fall apart when Sam dies. Sam and his father, Ben, set out to make everything ok for the family before Ben takes Sam to heaven.

This was a very nice movie. It has a very nice message - that family and love are way more important than money. The performances were wonderful, especially Keenan Wynn as Ben Griggs. It is also interesting to see the younger actor playing the father of the older one. All in all a very enjoyable flick.



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