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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Topper Takes a Trip (1938)

The second of the Topper trilogy - sans Cary Grant except for a flashback sequence at the beginning. The movie begins in a courtroom where Clara Topper is divorcing her husband Cosmo. He is trying to explain everything that has happened and the insane fact that the dead Kerby's were visiting him. The judge decides not to rule so Clara's friend, Nancy Parkhurst, takes Clara to Paris since she gets all her divorces there. Marion returns and insists that she and Cosmo follow Clara so they can be reunited. When they arrive at the hotel in Paris they are informed that Clara has gone on a cruise to Italy with Nancy and a young man named Baron de Rossi. When the hotel managers find out who he is they try to kick Cosmo out of the hotel but with Marion's help he wins big at the casino (their assets were frozen because of the divorce hearing) and he stays. The usual trouble happens and one wonders if Marion can do another final good deed or if it will all fall apart.

A fairly good movie although it is not nearly as good as the original. Roland Young as Cosmo Topper once again steals the show but his chemistry with Constance Bennett it also a plus. Another cute comedy that is fun to watch on a cold December Saturday morning.



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