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Friday, November 24, 2006

The Ghost Breakers (1940)

This was the cutest little movie. Paulette Goddard is Mary. She has just inherited a island off of Cuba that is known to be haunted. As she is preparing to head to her new home she meets Lawrence Lawrence (played by Bob Hope). He is a radio star who thinks he has shot a mafia hit man. He hides out in Mary's trunk and he and his servant Alex are off to Cuba with Mary. Of course Lawrence and Mary fall in love on the voyage but they meet up with Geoff Montgomery - a man Mary is acquainted with. He offers to show them around the island once they arrive. When they all finally arrive at the mansion they realize that they are not alone and they try to unravel the mystery before it is to late.

I loved this film. While I was not scared I thought it was very cute and entertaining. Goddard and Hope were a great paring. She kept his screwball antics centered. They also starred together in the Cat and the Canary (1939). Also in the movie was a young Anthony Quinn as twins who run across Lawrence's path. There were two versions of this movie that were made before this one. The first was made in 1914 and directed by Cecile B. DeMille and the second was made in 1922. This movie was also remade in 1953 as Scared Stiff starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. This is a very nice comedy to watch on a rainy afternoon.



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