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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dancing with the Stars - Week 10

I can not believe that it is time for the finale already. This season has flown by! It is three dances for Mario and Emmitt tonight. Here we go!

Dance #1 - Same song (Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder) and they are both doing the samba

Emmitt Smith - why do they insist on putting him in those colored shiny shoes? They are so ugly! He was wonderful, upbeat and fun.

Mario Lopez - another great performance. I love the precision he brings to his dancing. This should be an interesting night.

Dance #2 - Their favorite from the competition

Emmitt Smith (Mambo) - I loved this routine the first time and I loved it again. I'm glad Bruno finally gave it the 10 it deserves

Mario Lopez (Paso Doble) - another terrific performance. This is the best final yet!

Dance #3 - Freestyle

Emmitt Smith - that was great! It took me back to being 14 again going to Barnstormers for New Years Eve.

Mario Lopez - again that was great. I was reminded again of my childhood. This is the best competition yet!

I have no idea who will win. They are both very deserving. This is going to be very interesting tomorrow night!



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