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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Their Big Moment (1934)

I liked this little movie. It is the story of the Great LaSalle, a fake magician, and his assistants Bill and Tillie. They are hired by Even Farrington to save her sister from a shark. The sister, Fay, has recently lost her husband in a plane crash and is being manipulated by Dr Portman. Eve and Lane, the family lawyer, hire LaSalle and his misfits to hold a fake seance. They want them to give Fay a message from her husband that Portman is after her money and not to trust him. Everything is going to plan until Tillie goes into an actual trance and contacts the deceased husband. When she announces that the crash wasn't an accident all hell breaks loose as the killer tries to cover their tracks. While this isn't the greatest movie it is a cute and light comedy to catch when it is on TV.



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