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Sunday, October 29, 2006

White Zombie (1932)

A classic horror flick. Bela Legosi stars as Murder, a evil Haitian plantation owner who turns his enemies into zombies who work on his farm. When a local named Charles Beaumont meets the beautiful Madeleine he falls in love at first sight. However there is one problem - her fiance Neil. Charles tries to get her to leave Neil (as he's walking he down the aisle no less) but she says no. This is when he turns to Murder to make Madeleine his. What he does not realize is that while he can force her to be his using Murder's drug she is dead inside with no soul. Madeleine's husband recruits Dr Bruber, a missionary, to help him get his wife back. This leads to a show down at Murder's house with the zombies closing in on them. Can they get out before it's to late?

This is a classic Bela film. He is wonderful and creepy as always. His eyes alone can send a chill up your spine. While the story is sort of cheesy he saves the film. This was the first zombie film on record - even if the people where just under mind control and not the flesh eaters of later years. In 1936 there was a sequel made called Revolt of the Zombies. Also, if you have seen Ed Wood this is the movie Ed and Bela are watching at Bela's house on Halloween in that film. If you like Bela or old horror movies put this on you to see list.



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