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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dancing with the Stars - Week 8

Another two dances for our celebrity friends. This week again it's a ballroom and a Latin dance.

Dance #1 -

Joey Lawrence (tango) - I'm not sure if I like this whole Halloween theme thing. It was ok but I was not blown away. I felt bad that her wig kept slapping him in the face. Was he Gomez or Uncle Fester?

Mario Lopez (waltz) - that was breathtaking and beautiful. I loved it.

Monique Coleman (tango) - it was uh. There were some mistakes and I wasn't impressed.

Emmitt Smith (fox trot) - once again he was amazing. I love watching him because he is so charming.

Dance #2 -

Joey Lawrence (paso doble) - much better. It wasn't the best paso doble (no has yet topped Drew's from last year)but it was pretty good.

Mario Lopez (samba) - wow that was great! He can really shake his bon-bon!

Monique Coleman (cha cha) - better than the first dance but she still was not as good as last week.

Emmitt Smith (rumba) - wow that was great. He was very hot!

It is tough to pick who is going to go home this week. I think it maybe Monique because she was the only one with a major miss tonight.



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