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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mystery House (1938)

A short and fun movie. The film starts out at a hunting lodge where the board of a company are meeting. The chairman, Hubert Kingery, is informing the board that one of them is a thief and that he knows who it is. When they spilt for the night Hubert ends up dead from a gunshot wound. Since he was in a locked room of course it is ruled a suicide but his daughter knows better. She hires a detective to find out who really killed her father. She invites all of the suspects back to her father's lodge to weed out the killer. The detective must work fast because there are more "suicides" and the killer seems bent to kill everyone in his way. All in all this was not a bad short film. You really have to pay attention though because they are so many characters introduced at once it can be hard to keep them straight - especially the men. A nice cozy mystery to catch when it comes on TCM. The movie follows two others that star Ann Sheridan as Nurse Sarah Keate and Detective Lance O'Leary - While the Patient Sleeps from 1935 and The Patient in Room 18 also from 1938.



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