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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Girl Missing (1933)

This movie follows Kay Curtis and June Dale, a pair of golddiggers. The are in trouble since their latest victim has left them high and dry in Palm Beach with a $700 hotel bill. When they read in the paper that one of their former rivals, Daisy Bradford, is engaged to the wealthy Henry Gibson they figure they can get some money from her. However, Daisy acts as if she does not know them which really ticks them off. They weasel their way into some money and train tickets from Daisy's former flame Raymond. Once they hear that Daisy has disappeared on her wedding night they know that something is not right. Once they learn that Henry is offering a $25,000 reward they see a chance to make their big score. I really enjoyed this short little movie. It was a fun and light comedy. A nice movie to watch on a rainy weekend day when it comes on TCM.



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