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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dancing with the Stars - Week 9

It is hard to believe that the semi-finals are here already! Once again it is two dance - their favorite ballroom and Latin style. and away we go ....

Ballroom Round:

Mario Lopez (tango) - once again he is wonderful. The footwork was excellent.

Emmitt Smith (waltz) - that was great. Although I was slightly distracted by his shiny silver shoes.

Joey Lawrence (quick step) - another great performance. I also love that he dedicated it to his grandpa - how sweet!

Latin Round:

Mario Lopez (cha cha) - another great one for Mario. He is terrific.

Emmitt Smith (cha cha) - I LOVED it! It was such a fun dance. Plus this time I was not as distracted by the shiny shoes.

Joey Lawrence (rumba) - another winner!

This is going to be a hard week. I am not sure who is going to go home because they are all so wonderful. I mean three perfect scores is amazing! This has been a great semi-final!



  • At 11:23 AM, Blogger Lucy said…

    That is exactly what I said this morning... I don't have a clue on this one! All excellent! (If I had to pick one...I'm going to say Joey)


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