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Monday, November 27, 2006

Sisters (1973)

Someone on IMDB called this movie Nancy Drew on acid and I agree. Even though it was kind of out there I enjoyed it. The movie stars Margot Kidder as Dominique, a beautiful young model. She goes on a game show called Peeping Toms pretending to be a blind woman who begins to undress in a men's locker room. She invites the man from the show over to spend the night at her apartment. The next day he hears her arguing with someone in the next room. Dominique informs him that it is her twin in the next room and that it is their birthday. Well one thing leads to another and the man ends up dead. Dominique and her accomplice would be able to hide everything but a nosy neighbor named Grace Collier, who happens to be a reporter, sees everything and calls the police. As her investigation unravels, Grace learns that Dominique and her twin Danielle are the famous Blanchion Siamese twins who were separated the prior year. Now the question is which twin is the killer?

This movie is strange but interesting. The murder scene is very violent but the blood is laughable because it has the consistency of maple syrup. The split screen images Brian De Palma employs are wonderful. Margot Kidder is terrific as the twins and one can not help but wonder if her own mental health issues helped her in her performance. This movie was remade this year with Chloe Sevigny as Grace Collier and some other unknowns in the other roles. Not a bad movie for a dark stormy night.



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