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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Topper (1937)

An absolutely delightful movie. Cary Grant and Constance Bennett are George and Marion Kerby. They are a fun loving couple who have trouble follow them everywhere. George is the on the board of a bank that is run by Cosmo Topper. Cosmo's wife, Clara, runs his every move - from what he wears, eats and when he leaves for work. When George and Marion are killed in a car accident they decide that they need to do one good deed to get into heaven. They come across Cosmo and decide that he should be their good deed. They try to help him earn his independence but even in death trouble follows the Kerbys. Cosmo ends up being arrested for starting a riot and the papers are all running the news of his arrest and the fact that he had a female companion who was not his wife. His life is turned upside down but he kind of enjoys it. However, he needs to fix everything before his wife leaves him.

I loved this film. It was a funny look at life in a time gone by. There were three films in the Topper series but this was the best one by far. Cary Grant was not utilized as much as he could have been but he was still wonderful. Constance Bennett was beautiful as Marion but Roland Young and Billie Burke steal the show as Mr and Mrs Topper. This is one of the best comedies ever made. There was a TV version of the film that ran from 1953-1955 and a made for TV remake made in 1979 starring Kate Jackson as Marion, Andrew Stevens as George, Jack Warden as Cosmo and Rue McClanahan as Clara.



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