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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Topper Returns (1941)

The final film of the Topper trilogy. In this one there is no Cary Grant or Constance Bennett. However, Roland Young and Billie Burke return as Cosmo and Clara Topper. At the start of the movie we see Ann Carrington and Gail Richards, two young women who are involved in a car crash. They are picked up by Cosmo and his driver, Eddie, and dropped off at the Carrington estate. There we learn that it is the night before Ann's 21st birthday and she is there to finally meet her father, Henry, who is very ill. She has been living in the Orient her entire life and has never met her father. She is due to inherit everything the next day according to her mother's will. Ann and her friend Gail switch rooms for the night and Gail ends up murdered. Her ghost finds Cosmo and asks him to help her discover why she was murdered. As they try to unravel the mystery the usual hijinks follow Cosmo and we have to wonder if this poor guy will ever be left alone.

This movie was darker than the previous two films but still has plenty of laughs. Eddie "Rochester" Adams steals the movie as Eddie the driver. Again Roland Young and Billie Burke are wonderful as the Toppers. Joan Blondell is also terrific as the murder victim Gail. A great ending to a wonderful trilogy.



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