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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Canterville Ghost (1944)

This is an incredibly cute movie. It starts in the 1600s with Sir Simon de Canterville (played brilliantly by Charles Laughton) running away from a duel. His father is so embarrassed by his son's cowardice that he orders a wall built up where Simon is hiding. The father curses Sir Simon to walk the halls of the castle until a kinsman does a brave deed. Fast forward to 1943. Sir Simon is still walking the halls because all of his kinsmen rus away from danger. His ancient ancestor, young Lady Jessica de Canterville (Margaret O'Brien), is afraid of the ghost. It seems that he has quite the reputation for being evil. When a group of Army Rangers from America are housed in the castle she faces her fears and goes to greet them. One of the soldiers is Cuffy Williams (played by Robert Young of Marcus Welby and Father Knows Best fame). Cuffy meets Sir Simon one day and learns that the ghost is a kind one, not the evil presence everyone believes. It also appears that Cuffy is a long lost de Canterville ancestor. Now can he perform a brave deed and free Simon from his earthly prison?

This movie was very fun. The acting of Young, O'Brien and Laughton is wonderful. The movie is based upon an Oscar Wilde story which surprised me. I recommend this one highly. There have been several movies version made of this story, the most recent American version of which was made in 1996 starring Patrick Stewart and Neve Campbell. However, please do yourself a favor and see this version - you will not be disappointed.



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