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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Having a Wonderful Crime (1945)

A cute light detective story. Carole Landis and George Murphy are Helene and Jake Justus, newlyweds who love to solve crimes with their buddy Michael Malone. They are at a magic show when a trick goes wrong. The Great Movel disappears and does not reappear. When the couple and Malone check into a local hotel they meet Gilda, a woman with Movel's trunk. She is very protective of the trunk and does not want it out of her sight. Of course there are several men who are trying to take the trunk from her. Once Helene and Jake are alone with the trunk they find a dead body in it but it disappears when they leave the room to get help from Michael. Now they have to solve the mystery of who is murdered and why. All in all this is not a bad little movie. The acting is good but the story is a little weak. If you like movies like The Thin Man this might be worth watching when it comes on again.



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