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Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Slight Case of Murder (1938)

A funny satire of the days after the prohibition. Remy Marco (Edward G. Robinson) is a reformed gangster. He decides to go straight after prohibition ends and he takes his entire gang with him. He keeps making his beer but he does not realize that it tastes horrible. His fortune is dwindling and his business is in trouble. Pretty soon two bankers are chopping to foreclose on the business and take it over for themselves. This is when he decides to take his wife, daughter recently back from school in Europe and his entire gang to a rented house. However, before they arrive at the house four gangsters who want Remy dead are shot to death by another man in one of the upstairs rooms. When they arrive at the house they discover the men and Remy finally meets his son-in-law to be - a state trooper. When Remy holds a party that is when all heck breaks loose. Will he be able to get rid of the dead gangsters before the cop and his disapproving father find out?

This was a cute and light movie. Robinson was wonderful as the now legitimate gangster Remy. Ruth Donnelly was also wonderful as his wife Mary. The gang of misfits is always hilarious and I think they steal the movie. There was a loose remake of this movie made in 1952 called Stop, You're Killing Me. A fun movie for a lazy day in.



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