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Monday, December 18, 2006

One Magic Christmas (1985)

This is one of my favorite movies from my childhood and it was nice to see it again after so many years. This is the story of the Grainger family who have fallen on rough times. The dad, Jack (Gary Basaraba) had been fired from his job and the family is being evicted from the company home they live in right at Christmas time. The mom, Ginny (Mary Steenburgen), is working as a cashier at the local grocery store. As Christmas approaches Jack and the kids, Cal and Abbie, try to keep the Christmas spirit up but Ginny is a regular Scrooge. Since she has lost her holiday spirit a Christmas angel named Gideon (Harry Dean Stanton) is sent to help her recover the holiday cheer. He and Abbie try to help Ginny but nothing is helping. Then tragedy strikes and Abbie and Gideon go to see Santa to help make things right. Can Ginny recover the meaning of Christmas she has lost?

I remember watching this movie over and over as a kid because it was always played on the Disney channel. My mom got so sick of me watching this I remember her telling me to please stop! Now as an adult I appreciate it even more because I realize how easy it can be for people going through hard times to lose their Christmas spirit. It is depressing and you may want to quit watching it but don't because the end is worth it. The acting is not great and little Abbie can grate on your nerves but it is still a nice lesson for kids to see. Be on the look out for a young Sarah Polley as the Grainger's neighbor Molly Monaghan. If you need a holiday boost watch this movie and you can not help but feel better.



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