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Friday, December 29, 2006

In a Lonely Place (1950)

Not a traditional Bogart movie but this is good anyway. Bogart stars as Dixon Steele, a struggling screen writer. He is at the local bar one night where he meets his agent Mel. Mel has a book that he wants Dix to read and write a screen adaptation of. Mel has loaned the book to Mildred Atkinson, the waitress at the bar. Dix decides to invite Mildred to his apartment so she can tell him the story. Once she leaves his place to catch a cab no one sees her alive again. The next day the police take him to the station to question him about Mildred's murder. One of his neighbors, Laurel Gray, informs the police that she saw Mildred leave and Dix return to his apartment. It seems that she has a slight crush on him and watches him occasionally. However, because of Dix's cold reaction to Mildred's death the police do not believe that Dix is as innocent as he seems. Soon Dix and Laurel begin a romance but can Laurel trust Dix?

This movie was very good. Bogart was wonderful as the hard Dix. Gloria Grahame was terrific as his star crossed lover Laurel. The mystery was pretty easy to figure out but I was still on the edge of my seat to see what happened to the couple. This is a good movie to watch late at night when you're home alone.



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