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Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Facts of Life (1960)

This was a delightful movie. Bob Hope is Larry Gilbert. Larry and his wife, Mary, are friends with another couple, Jack and Kitty Weaver (Lucille Ball). The Gilbers and the Weavers, along with another couple the Masons, plan a trip to Acapulco. Well circumstances arise that prevent Jack and Mary from making the trip. Then, the Masons become ill so Kitty and Jack are thrown together. While on a marlin fishing trip they begin to fall in love. Once their time in Mexico is over they decide to not see each other anymore. Unfortunately they keep crossing paths because of the friendship between the couples. Eventually they are at a dance at their club and have a few to many drinks. They decide to go to a motel so they drive up and down the strip of seedy places before they settle on one. Larry leaves for coffee and is gone for two hours because he can not remember which hotel they are in. Kitty leaves and eventually they meet up again. They decide to spend some time in Monterrey when their families are on separate trips at Christmas. Will Larry and Kitty leave their families or will they decide they should not have an affair at their age?

This was a funny movie but it was also poignant at the same time. Ball and Hope are funny but they are also able to play up the serious subject of the movie. The scene where Kitty and Larry are caught at the drive in by their cleaner is hilarious. It is an interesting movie on an interesting subject.



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