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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Once More, With Feeling (1960)

A delightful movie. Victor Fabian (Yul Brynner) is one of the most famous orchestra conductors in the world. He is also very hot headed and temperamental. He is married to a harpist, Dolly (Kay Kendall in her last film role), and treats her as badly as he treats his musicians. One night he is home alone and is going to audition a 12 year old singer. However, a beautiful 21 year old woman arrives instead. When Dolly comes home she catches him and the young lady and leaves him. Victor's career goes downhill because of the break up while Dolly begins to shine. She teaches at a local college and has met a new man whom she wants to marry. She goes to Victor to ask for a divorce but there is one major problem -they were never married. When an offer comes in to conduct to London Symphony Victor has a plan. He and Dolly will get married quietly to avoid a scandal. He will give her a divorce after he performs with the orchestra. This will help him since the head of the symphony board and her son both hate Victor and love Dolly. Will they make it thorough this "marriage" without falling in love again?

The movie was very cute. It is not out on video or DVD so you will need to catch it when it comes on TCM (it will be on Friday 1/19 at 2:30 pm). Brynner was his usual charismatic and imposing self. Kay Kendall was wonderful and it is very hard to believe that she was dying of leukemia when this movie was being filmed. If you love romantic comedies this is a must see.



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