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Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Little Foxes (1941)

Bette Davis at her bitchy best. Bette plays Regina Giddens, a wealthy woman in the deep south at the turn of the 1900s. She is married to Horrace (Herbert Marshall), a very sick man who has left their town to seek medical treatment in another state. Horrace and Regina have a teenage daughter named Alexandra (Teresa Wright) and she adores both of her parents. Regina and her two brothers, Ben (Charles Dingle) and Oscar (Carl Benton Reid) Hubbard. The three of them along with Ben's son, Leo (Dan Duryea), decide to expand their cotton mill to become even more wealthy. The only problem is that they need another $75,000 and the only way they can get it is from Horrace. Regina manipulates her daughter so they can get Horrace back in town and can take the money from his bank where Leo works. However, Horrace and Alexandra get wind of their plan and decide to put a stop to it.

This was a great movie. Davis was wonderful as the cold and heartless Regina. The scene where she and Horrace fight about her plan sent chills up my spine. She was so cold and hard it was wonderful. Wright was a breath of fresh air as the sweet and innocent Alexandra. In 1948 there was a prequel to this movie made called Another Part of the Forest. However, this one is a must see for all movie fans.



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