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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Vivacious Lady (1938)

A fun screwball comedy. Peter Morgan (James Stewart) is a botany professor at a small college in upstate New York where his father is the president. At his father's (Charles Coburn) request he goes to New York City to bring his cousin Keith back home. Keith is a bit of a wild man and he has fallen in love with Francey (Ginger Rogers), a singer at a night club in the city. Keith hides from Peter at the club and Francey soon sits down looking for Keith. Soon Francey and Peter are talking and the walk all night long across the entire city. They begin to fall in love and they decide to get married. Now Peter has to break it to his uptight father that not only is he married but that his wife is not someone his father would approve of. Of course he also has to break the news to his fiance!

I really enjoyed this movie. Stewart was wonderful in the part of the conservative professor who it walking on the wild side. Rogers was also wonderful as the singer with a heart of gold. Beulah Bondi steals all of her scenes as Peter's mother who has heart problems. A wonderful movie for a cozy afternoon in.



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