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Friday, March 30, 2007

None but the Lonely Heart (1944)

An interesting Cary Grant film. Grant plays Ernie Mott, a young man with wanderlust in his heart. He has a hard time staying in one spot and desperately wants to escape his working class roots. However, when his mother (Ethe Barrymore) becomes very ill he decides to stay in London and help his parent's out with their shop. There he meets Ada Brantline (June Duprez) and begins to fall in love. However, she realizes that Ernie is a man of the world and is afraid that he may break her heart. Now Ernie must decide if he will stay in London or if he will run away again.

This movie was very gloomy and depressing but was very good at the same time. Grant and Barrymore were wonderful as the wanderer and his loving mother. Not one of Grant's best but it is still worth checking out.



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