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Monday, March 26, 2007

Dancing with the Stars Week #2

So this week the guys will be dancing the quick step (one of my favorites) and the ladies are doing the mambo. I like how they are allowing everyone to do a Latin and a ballroom dance before the elimination this year.

1) Apolo Anton Ohno - a very nice start to the night. I like him but I want him to save that damn sole patch off!
2) Shandi Finnessey - she seemed very uptight. She is not well known and with a performance like that she could be in trouble.
3) Clyde Drexler - that was pretty good He is quick on his feet but his top looked a little bit like Jell-o.
4) Leeza Gibbons - it was a bit stiff but not bad overall. Plus she looks damn good for 50. I wonder if she's had work done.
5) Ian Ziering - that was very fun. He has a lot of potential. His dad is to cute for words!
6) Paulina Porizkova - again a little uptight but a fairly good job overall.
7) Billy Ray Cyrus - I am actually impressed! His footwork was very good. Much much better than last week.
8) Heather Mills - she did wonderfully. She was the first one tonight to get the sexiness of the mambo down.
9) John Ratzenberger - I liked it. It was not the best dance I have seen but it was fun.
10) Laila Ali - that was the best dance so far this season. That girl can shake her booty!
11) Joey Fatone - very good performance. It was so much fun to watch.

So I think Shandi maybe going home simply because she is not that wel known as well as the fact she had two bad weeks. We will see tomorrow though.



  • At 11:32 AM, Blogger Lucy said…

    Good review...I was watching it on and off. I can't figure out what everyone screams about with that Apolo guy...I've never heard of him and personally think he is creepy looking...just my opinion!


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