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Monday, March 19, 2007

Dancing with the Stars Week #1

So here is another season of our favorite dance show. This year the 11 celebrities will dance for two weeks before the first elimination. Tonight the guys are doing the cha cha and the gals are dancing the fox trot.

1) Ian Ziering - not bad. He was better than I thought he would be. I think he has potential.
2) Paulina Porizkova - nice. A little boring though.
3) Billy Ray Cyrus - well that was interesting. Wow he was stiffer than a board.
4) Leeza Gibbons - nice. I just think the fox trot is a boring dance overall but it was pretty good.
5) Joey Fatone - that was very fun to watch. He was very good for having his microphone hanging off his back for half the dance.
6) Laila Ali - she has a lot more grace that I thought she would. Very good overall.
7) John Ratzenberger - I think he is this season's Jerry Springer. Not great but very entertaining. I give him credit for having only 2 weeks of training.
8) Shandi Finnessey - pretty good. She was a little stiff though.
9) Clyde Drexler - he was way uptight. He has potential though.
10) Heather Mills - am I going to hell because I will laugh my ass off if her leg flies off? Seriously though she did an excellent job.
11) Apolo Anton Ohno - well that was pretty good for not having much practice time. He can shake those hips!

So nobody is a major standout like the last two seasons had with Drew and Mario. This should be an interesting season.


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