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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

American Idol Finals Week #1

So the finals are finally here. Time to see who will falter and who will shine. This week the theme is Diana Ross so this should be very interesting.

1) Brandon Rogers (Can't Hurry Love) - it was boring and his voice kept cracking. Not horrible but not great either. Plus, if he "grew up" on the song he should be able to remember the words!

2) Melinda Doolittle (Home) - that was flawless. This girl is amazing! I started crying just like Paula (I'm not drunk I swear!).

3) Chris Sligh (Endless Love) - I did not like the change he made to the song. It sounded like something that would be sung at the Ice Capades.

4) Gina Glockson (Love Child) - not bad. She was slightly pitchy in spots but way better than the two guys so far. Paula thinks this is a "makes you feel good" song? Has she listened to the words at all?

5) Sanjaya Malakar (Ain't No Mountain High Enough) - this is one of my favorite songs and he killed it. His voice is way to soft. And what are these people doing with his hair? He looked like a poodle.

6) Hayley Scarnato (Missing You) - again someone forgets the words. This was not very good at all.

7) Phil Stacey (Make You Love Me) - much better than last week's disaster. However, not the greatest I have heard. I agree with Simon that he shouts sometimes trying to reach those high notes.

8) LaKisha Jones (God Bless the Child) - I am speechless. The best Idol performance I can ever remember.

9) Blake Lewis (Keep Me Hanging On) - this remix was better than Chris'. However, it was still somewhat boring to me.

10) Stephanie Edwards (Love Hangover) - very good. In a perfect world the final three would be Stephanie, LaKisha and Melanie.

11) Chris Richardon (The Boss) - this guy is awful. He sings out of his nose and I CAN NOT STAND THAT!!! Of course he will stay because the teeny boppers think he's cute. If Justin Timberlake was smart he would sue this show so they have to quit comparing this guy to him.

12) Jordin Sparks (If We Hold on Together) - very good. It was very sugary sweet to me but she is only 17. She can be great with time though.

So I hope Chris Richardson or Sanjaya go home. However, they will stay with their teeny bopper fans. It should be a guy who goes though because they are so weak.



  • At 11:03 AM, Blogger Lucy said…

    I agree 100% with you....I hope Sanjaya work we refer to him as "Jambalaya" cause we can never remember his name.


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