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Monday, February 26, 2007

Brief Encounter (1945)

A very sad and touching film. Laura Jesson (Celia Johnson) is a seemingly happily married woman. Every Thursday she takes the train into town
where she shops and sees a movie. One day while waiting to catch her train home she has some grit thrown in her eye from the express train. She is helped out by a handsome doctor, Alec Harvey (Trevor Howard). They meet a few more times and they slowly get to know each other. As the weeks pass they look forward to seeing each other. Soon they realize that they have fallen in love. However, they both know that they can not be together because of their family commitments. They just can not seem to give each other up though. They must decide what they are going to do about this love they just can not seem to let go of.

I found this movie incredibly sad and tragic. Johnson is able to convey so much emotion just by the look on her face. Howard was very reserved as the doctor who falls head over heels for another woman. There was a made for TV remake in 1974 starring Richard Burton and Sophia Loren. However, I feel that nothing can compare to this original masterpiece.

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