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Sunday, February 25, 2007

An American in Paris (1951)

The classic movie musical. Jerry Mulligan (Gene Kelly) is a former GI living in Paris in the few years after WWII. He is a struggling painter and lives in a very small apartment. Adam Cook (Oscar Levant) is a pianist who also lives in Jerry's building. They are friends and Adam introduces Jerry a friend of his, Henri Baure (Georges Guetary), a business man. Jerry goes out every day and attempts to sell his paintings. One day he meets Milo Roberts (Nina Foch) and she wants to buy a couple of his paintings. She invites him back to the swanky hotel she lives in. Milo informs Jerry that she wants to produce an exhibit for his work. Of course she is falling in love with Jerry but he is falling in love with someone else. He has met Lise Bouvier (Leslie Caron) but she is involved with another man - Henri. Now Jerry must fight for his work and his love.

This was a wonderful film. The only part I did not enjoy was the 18 minute dance scene at the end. I felt that it was just thrown into the movie as a filler and did not really mean anything. However, the performances were all wonderful. A must see for all musical fans.



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