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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

American Idol Semi Finals - Guys Week #1

WOOO HOOOO!!! American Idol is back (yea I know it's been back fro a month but it is hard to do anything with the audition shows). Here we go!

1) Rudy Cardenas - uh not good at all. He was very off key in spots. Not the best start to the new season.
2) Brandon Rogers - much better than the first guy. Although I think he still has some of the background singer mentality going on.
3) Sundance Head - not good either. So far I am not impressed!
4) Paul Kim - I really like this guy. His falsetto was off key but I liked the rest of the song.
5) Chris Richardson - he was so promising in his audition but this was awful. Of course the fact that I hate that song doesn't help. He's really cute though!
6) Nick Pedro - wow that was the best so far for me. I can't believe I agreed with Simon.
7) Blake Lewis - it started pretty well but towards the end he fell apart. Not the best but certainly not the worst.
8) Sanjaya Malakar - I don't care what Randy says I liked it.
9) Chris Slide - he was on of my favorites in the auditions and he is still wonderful. The best of the night!
10) Jared Cotter - not bad. He was a little off key in places though. However, he is HOT HOT HOT!
11) A.J. Tabaldo - well persistance pays off. He was terrific!
12) Phil Stacey - it started shaky but was wonderful. I loved it!

So if I have to pick the two to go home I would have to pick Rudy and Sundance. Tomorow the girls are up.



  • At 11:32 AM, Blogger Lucy said…

    Sundance I think for sure....don't know who my second pic would be to go...probably you're right with Rudy.


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