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Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Marrying Kind (1952)

A very cute comedy-drama. The movie begins in a courtroom during the divorce proceedings of Chet (Aldo Ray) and Florrie (Judy Holliday) Keefer. When the testimony ends for the day the judge (Madge Kennedy) asks the Keefer's to stay and talk with her for a while. She thinks that there is a chance to save this marriage so she asks Chet and Florrie to recount the events that led them to divorce court. Through flashbacks the story of their marriage is told. They always seem to have money troubles because Chet has a hard time with his job. He is also jealous of the rich man Florrie's sister married. Things run along well and they have two children - a son and a daughter. One day Chet has a wonderful idea for ball bearing shoes that are like roller skates but the couple is never able to get the idea off the ground and someone else sweeps in and patents the shoes. However, what really breaks their marriage is a personal tragedy that most people fear happening to them. Will telling the story of their life convince them to give their marriage another chance?

I enjoyed this little known film. Holliday and Ray were both excellent as the couple who really love each other but allow their problems to get in the way. It was interesting how they shot this in flashback sequences. I usually do not like films that are shot that way but I enjoyed this one. A very nice movie worth checking out.



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