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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Witness to Murder (1954)

This was an excellent movie thriller. Early one morning - around 4am - Cheryl Draper (Barbara Stanwyck) wakes up. She gets out of bed and looks out of her window. That is when she sees the man across the street, Albert Richter (George Sanders), strangle a woman. She calls the police but when they question Richter he convinces them that nothing has happened. The police are all to willing to dismiss what Cheryl saw as a dream. She begins to believe them until she sees him carry a large trunk out of his apartment and place it in his car. Cheryl begins to investigate Richter she becomes certain that what she saw was not a dream. She tries to convince the police that she is correct but only Lieutenant Matthews (Gary Merrill) believes her. Once Richter learns she is on the case he sets out to show everyone that she is insane. Now Cheryl and her police office love must prove that she is not crazy and Richter is a real killer.

I really enjoyed this movie. Even though the ending was somewhat predictable it was an interesting thriller. Stanwyck shines as the woman who is fighting to prove her sanity. Merrill is wonderful as the police lieutenant who is falling in love and hoping Cheryl is not insane. All in all if you love a good mystery you will like this one.



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