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Friday, February 09, 2007

Penelope (1966)

A very cute little movie. It begins on the opening day of a new bank in New York city. As the festivities get underway, an old lady walks up to one of the tellers. As they are talking the old lady pulls out a gun and informs the teller that she is robbing the bank. After she takes the money the old lady disappears in the bathroom and the teller screams. As the police run to the ladies room a beautiful young woman comes out saying that the old lady is in there and waved the gun at her. As the police are preoccupied the young woman slips away with the money from the bank. We soon learn that the bank robber is Penelope Elcott (Natalie Wood),the wife of James Elcott (Ian Bannen), the head of the bank that was robbed. As the movie goes on Penelope confesses to her psychiatrist, Dr Mannix (Dick Shawn), that she has been a kleptomaniac since college. She also discovers that she robbed her husband's bank because he has been ignoring her ever since the idea of the bank came to him. Now she needs to make sure that the officer investigating the robbery, Lt. Bixbee (Peter Falk), does not realize she is the actual thief.

This was not the greatest movie but it was pretty good. The acting is slightly over the top but watchable. Natalie Wood was extremely beautiful and fashionable in this film. Watch for Jonathan Winters in a small role as Penelope's college professor. This one is worth catching the next time it comes on TV.



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