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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Gold Diggers of 1935 (1935)

Another cute musical. The Wentworth Plaza hotel is about to open its doors for the summer season. One of the many employees is Dick Curtis (Dick Powell), a desk clerk working his way through medical school. He is engaged to the hostess Arline Davis (Dorothy Dare). One of the many guests in the hotel is an eccentric millionaire named Matilda Prentiss. She arrives with her son Humboldt (Frank McHugh), who has been divorced four times and her daughter Ann (Gloria Stuart). Ann is engaged to T. Mosley Thorpe III (Hugh Herbert) but she is not happy about it. Ann makes a deal with her mother that if she is allowed to have fun that summer she will marry Mosley in the fall without a fight. Matilda agrees but pays Dick $500 to chaperon her. As Dick and Ann spend more and more time together they begin to fall in love. Everything comes to head at the annual Prentiss charity show at the hotel with the relationship between Ann and Dick, Humboldt and Arline, a gold digging stenographer and the crazy choreographer.

This movie was very good. The last musical number, The Lullaby of Broadway, was wonderful. Powell was sweet and funny as the young man in love, Dick. It was nice to see Gloria Stuart in something that pre-dates Titanic. The scene stealer is Alice Brady as Matilda Prentiss. When she tries to figure out how much money her son's divorces have cost her it is highly amusing. I highly recommend this one.



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