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Monday, January 22, 2007

The Great Man Votes (1939)

A cute little movie. Gregory Vance (John Barrymore) is the father of a young boy and girl. He is also an out of work philosopher who is an alcoholic. Gregory's son, Donald Ainslee Vance, is being bullied at school by Davy McCarthy. Davy is the son of Iron Hat McCarthy, the local district leader. One day after school a fight between the two boys breaks out and Donald pushes Davy into a vat of cement. Scared of what will happen to him, Donald and his sister Joan decide to run away. They do not want to cause their father any more problems than he already has. They decide to jump on the Ainslee Dairy truck and ride it out to the Ainslee farm. Their mother, who is deceased, was an Ainslee and they are hoping that they can stay there. However, their father hates the Ainslee's and would not be happy with the children running there. When the Ainslee's, Chester and Phoebe, realize what has happened they decide that they have to take the children away from Gregory. Since he does not have a job it will be easy for the Ainslee's. Luckily for Gregory the Old Party, and Iron Hat, need district 13 to vote a straight ticket and Gregory is the only voter in that district. He is promised a job but will Iron Hat follow through so Gregory can keep his kids?

This was a very cute film. Barrymore was terrific in a role that hit way to close to home. The children were mildly annoying but it did not ruin the movie. A nice depression era flick.



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