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Saturday, January 13, 2007

I Love New York

Another guilty VH1 Celebrealty "gem". This time our favorite bitch from Flavor of Love is the one picking the guys. In the first episode New York and her mother get to know the 20 men who have been picked to fight for Tiffany's heart. There is a very interesting group of characters who show up at the house. During the party some of them get along and others do not. Some also conflict with her hot headed mother. One man in particular, Chance, had a knock down fight with Sister Patterson. He is a real thug and New York's mother is sick of her daughter being attracted to those type of men. At the end of the show five men are given the boot and the other 15 will stay in the house and try to win New York's heart and her mother's respect. While this is not the best shoe on TV it is fun mindless entertainment and that's what I like in my shows.



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