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Friday, January 26, 2007

We Are Marshall (2006)

Another excellent tearjerker. On November 14, 1970 the Thundering Herd of Marshall University lost 17-14 to the East Carolina State Pirates. On their way back to Huntington their plane crashed just a few thousand feet from the airport where they were supposed to land. All 75 people aboard were killed including the players, coaches, athletic director, university officials, fans and boosters. The small town and university struggled with what to do next. The players who were left behind because of injury were dealing with the guilt of not being with their team mates. The assistant coach, Red Dawson (Matthew Fox), must live with the fact that he gave up his seat on the plane to another coach who wanted to go to his granddaughter's piano recital instead of a recruiting trip. Eventually the president of the university, Donald Dedman (David Strathairn), decided to keep the program going. He is contacted by Jack Lengyl (Matthew McConaughey), the only person who wants the job. Together they attempt to put the football program back together to heal the university and the town.

This movie transcends sports but also shows how sports can bring people together. The acting was wonderful and touching. The only complaint I had was McConaughey did this weird lip curl thing during the entire movie. However, I have since read that he studied Lengyl's mannerisms so I can forgive him for that. There are two scenes in the movie that gave me chills - the We Are Marshall chant outside the admin building and the speech Lengyl gave the team in the cemetery before their first home game after the crash. I highly recommend this movie it was wonderful.



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