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Friday, January 26, 2007

Marooned (1969)

An excellent movie. Ironman One has made its way to space with three astronauts on board - Pruett (Richard Crenna), Lloyd (Hackman) and Stone (James Francisus). The men have been in space for several months and NASA decides to bring them home because there is a hurricane brewing. However, there is a problem with the ship's engine and it will not fire. The three men are stuck in space with no way to get back. The space program director, Charles Keith (Gregory Peck), works on a rescue plan but there is one major problem. There is only enough oxygen to keep the men alive for 55 hours. The men begin to deteriorate both mentally and physically as they just sit and wait for the inevitable. On the ground Keith is racing against the clock and the impending storm to get a rescue mission off the ground and save the three men.

I really enjoyed this film. It could have been cut about 20 minutes shorter but it was still good. The acting was excellent. This is not an action filled movie it is more of a character study. The thing I found most interesting is that this movie was filmed a year before the Apollo 13 incident that was almost identical to what happened in the movie. If you are a space junkie like me than you will love this movie.



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