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Monday, February 05, 2007

Don't Worry, We'll Think of a Title (1966)

Yeah, so this one is interesting to say the least. Charlie (Morey Amsterdam), Annie (Rose Marie) and Magda (January Jones) work together at a local dive diner. They constantly come up with corny jokes and one liners. One day a lawyer comes to let Magda know that her uncle passed away and left her his bookstore near the college a few towns over. After Charlie and Annie are fired from the diner they go to help Magda with the bookstore. What they are unaware of is that there are spies and under cover agents all over the place. It seems that an astronaut from a Soviet-like nation has disappeared along with the data from his 98 orbital trips. The government of the communist nation believes that Charlie is their missing man and will stop at nothing to get him and the data back.

This movie was like Austin Powers only not as funny. The jokes are very corny and not all that funny. It seems that this was supposed to be a crossover from the Dick Van Dyke Show so maybe that is why I did not get some of the jokes. Not horrible but not worth seeking out either.



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