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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Adventures of Kitty O'Day (1945)

The amateur detective is back. This time Kitty O'Day (Jean Parker) is working in a swanky hotel as a switchboard operator. Her boyfriend Johnny Jones (Peter Cookson) also works in the hotel as a host. Kitty has a bad habit of listening in to people's conversations after she connects a call. That is how she gets in trouble in this film. She connects a call to her bosses room and hears two gun shorts. She sends Johnny and the porter up to the room and they find the manager dead. However, once the police arrive - their old friend Inspector Clancy and his new protege Officer Mike - the body is missing. Once again the Inspector is convinced that Johnny and Kitty have something to do with the murder. They have to set out and solve the case before they end up in jail.

This one was not as good as the first Kitty O'Day movie but it was still entertaining. I wish they would of had more of Tim Ryan as Inspector Clancy because his performance made the first movie for me. This one is worth seeing if you like the first one.



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