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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Detective Kitty O'Day (1944)

A cute little movie. Kitty O'Day (Jean Parker) is a secretary for the Oliver Wentworth Company. Her boyfriend Johnny Jones (Peter Cookson) also works for Mr. Wentworth (Edward Earle). One day Johnny brings several thousands of dollars in bonds to the office. Mr. Wentworth seems very uptight and tells the couple that he is leaving for Boston that night and needs Kitty to come over and type some letters for him. Johnny is very upset because he and Kitty have a date for that evening and Kitty's cab driver overhears Johnny say that he wants to kill Wentworth. Once Kitty and the cabbie arrive at the Wentworth mansion they realize that all the lights are out. Charles the butler informs her that the power just went out, Mr. Wentwoth is in the shower and she is to go upstairs to the study to start on the letters. She hears footsteps out in the hall but Charles was downstairs and Mr. Wentwoth is still in the shower. Kitty knocks on the bathroom door but there is no answer. When she opens the door she sees that Mr. Wentworth is dead and it looks like he hung himself. However, she is not so sure. Once the police - Inspector Clancy (Tim Ryan) and his bumbling underling Mike (Edward Gargan) - arrive they realize that he was murdered and it was made to look like suicide. Now Kitty has to find out who killed Wentworth because the Inspector has a suspect - Johnny!

This was a cute little movie. Parker was very amusing as the amateur detective Kitty. Ryan and Gargan were also wonderful as the police officers who were not that great at their jobs. An amusing way to spend a lazy afternoon in.



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