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Monday, February 12, 2007

Gold Diggers in Paris (1938)

The final film in the Gold Digger series. Terry Moore (Rudy Vallee) and Dukie Dennis (Allen Jenkins) run the most popular club in New York, Club Balle. What they do not know is that for every customer that comes in the door they lose money. They are about to go bankrupt when what seems to be a great opportunity comes right into their office. Maurice Giraud (Hugh Herbert) has come to America from Paris to find the American Ballet Company to invite them to the Paris Exposition. When he gets in his cab the driver thinks he want the Balle so he takes him to the popular club. He invites Terry and Dukie and tells them that they will receive a nice sum for coming to the exposition and if they win they will receive $1 million franks. This is an opportunity they can not give up. They recruit Pierre LeBrec (Melville Cooper), a ballet instructor, to come with the group to Paris and to teach the girls ballet on the boat. However, the real American Ballet Company learns of Terry and Dukie's con and set off to set things right.

I really liked this movie. To me this was the best movie since the first Gold Digger film. It was nice to hear Rudy Vallee sing. Herbert and Jenkins were wonderful as the comic relief. The last dance sequence was wonderful. This series is well worth seeing.



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