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Monday, February 12, 2007

Gold Diggers of 1937 (1936)

Rossi Peck (Dick Powell) is an insurance salesman. He is still waiting for his big break when a golden opportunity falls in his lap. JJ Hobart is getting ready to put on another Broadway show. What he does not know is that his partners have gambled away all his money and he is flat broke. Since he is a hypchondriac the partners decide to convince him to buy a $1 million life insurance policy from Rossi. They figure he will not live because of his condition and they will have enough money to produce the show. However, Rossi wants to protect his client because the longer he lives the more commission Rossi makes. Rossi enlists his girlfriend, Norma (Glenda Farrell) to help keep Hobart alive. However, Norma's friend Gen (Joan Blondell) is hoping to nab Hobart so she can have her sugar daddy. Now what will happen when JJ realizes that his partners have robbed him and that he is broke?

This was not the best in the Gold Digger series but it was not bad. Dick Powell was wonderful as always and his musical numbers were very nice to watch. Blondell and Farrell were also good as the two show girls trying to nab their men. All in all a good movie for fans of the earlier films.



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