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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Poet's Pub (1949)

An interesting little movie. Saturday Keith (Derek Bond) is an aspiring poet and accomplished rower. After an argument with a critic named Benbow (James Roberston Justice) he goes out to the country and stops for food and lodging at a local inn. There he is treated very poorly by the manager and his wife the cook. He befriends Lady Mercy Cotton (Fabia Drake), and her son Quentin (Peter Croft) who are also seated in the dining room. It seems that Lady Cotton's deceased husband bought the hotel for her and she wants Saturday to take over as the manager of the place. They clean the hotel up very nicely and open up for business. One of the first guests through the door is none other than Professor Benbow and his daughter Joanna (Rona Anderson). Of course Saturday and Joanna fall madly in love much to her father's dismay. Now the only thing that stands in their way, besides Joanna's father, is a ring that someone in the hotel wants and is willing to kidnap for.

Not the greatest movie but it was pretty cute. The plot was not very well developed but that was common for B movies of that era. The acting also leaves something to be desired but this is watchable. It is a good one to watch when it comes on TV and you have nothing better to do.



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