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Monday, February 19, 2007

Kiss Me, Stupid (1964)

A cute little movie. Dino (Dean Martin - big stretch on the name!) is a famous singer (another big stretch!). He is driving from Las Vegas to LA and stops for gas in the small town of Climax, Nevada. There he meets the gas station attendant Barney (Cliff Osmond). It seems that Barney is an aspiring songwriter. He writes his music with Orville Spooner (Ray Walston), a piano teacher who lives next door to the gas station. When Barney realizes that Dino is in town he decides to tell him that there is something is wrong with his car so he has to stay. This way he can hear their music and they can make it big. Barney tells Orville that Dino has to stay at his house but there is one big problem. Orville's wife Zelda (Felicia Farr) loves Dino and Orville is an incredibly jealous man. Knowing Dino's skirt chasing reputation Orville and Barney decide that Orville needs to start a fight with Felicia so she will go to her mother's house. Barney decides to get Polly the Pistol (Kim Novak), a local hooker, to stand in as Mrs Spooner. However, when Polly starts to fall in love with Orville their plan is in danger.

This was a pretty cute movie. Ray Walston was hilarious as the incredibly jealous Orville. Kim Novak was beautiful as the hooker with a heart of gold. This movie was a semi-remake of a 1952 Italian film - Moglie per una notte (Wife For a Night) starring Gina Lollobrigida. However, this movie was a cute way to spend a Saturday night.



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