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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

American Idol Semi FInals - Girls Week #1

So tonight it is the ladies turn. Here we go ....

1) Stephanie Edwards - a great way to start the night. I like that she put her own spin on the song.
2) Amy Krebs - they really need to retire I Can't Make You Love Me from this show. Every year someone sings this song. She is a good singer but it was boring.
3) Leslie Hunt - that was pretty good. It is never easy to sing an Aretha song but it was good.
4) Sabrina Sloan - people singing does not mean screaming! I hated this performance. On a totally superficial note is it just me or does her face look like a man in drag?
5) Antonella Barba - I like that she put her own twist on the song. She was really nervous though and it showed.
6) Jordin Sparks - it started a little shaky but she ended up doing a great job. She is way to confident for a 17 year old!
7) Nicole Tranquillo - she way over sang that song and was very sharp in spots. It was not that good.
8) Hayley Scarnato - I liked it. It wasn't great but I think she has potential.
9) Melinda Doolittle - FINALLY someone who is can sing an Aretha song! I loved her performance it was so fun.
10) Alaina Alexander - she actually made me like a song I hate! She was off key in areas but I did like it.
11) Gina Glockson - even though she was off key sometimes it was pretty good overall.
12) LaKisha Jones - she was one of my favorites in the auditions (go Flint!) and I still love her. I have to I saw Dream Girls and that was even better than Jennifer Hudson's version!

So my picks to go home are between Amy, Antonella and Nicole. We will see tomorrow.



  • At 9:44 AM, Blogger Lucy said…

    Lakisha and Melinda are my favs in that order. Who's going to go tonight...I honestly had more than two I didn't care for....Simon was pretty good on his opinions I thought last night.


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